Be Open.

11TWENTYTWO is about the creative value of navigating our world by intuition and tuning into a higher frequency in order to fully experience the authentic value of travel. There is so much to be discovered by slowing down, engaging the locals, and looking under the proverbial rock – where secret passages into life are revealed, exposing interesting cultures, quirky human encounters and culinary delights we might not have otherwise known. For some magical reason, we’ve discovered a higher frequency of this universal vibration in the numbers 11 and twenty-two, which tend to appear in synchronicity during each excursion we take. Come along for the ride!

You just have to be open.


Be Yourself.

Hal and Barbara have a world of travel experience, including deep dives into more than 50 countries and countless fascinating excursions around our own backyard. Over the years, we’ve discovered the value of navigating our world by intuition and tuning into a higher frequency in order to fully experience the world we collectively share. You can see more of our individual perspectives at:

myerstreet  |  Barbara Ruffini

Drop us a line if you’d like to share your own vibrational tune, or simply need tips or suggestions when planning a trip.

Be Kind.

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